Thursday, May 5, 2011

in BABY mode .. yay!!

… grandbaby that is. Not only is daughter #2 expecting with our 1st grandbaby but we found out the other day that daughter #1 is expecting with our 2nd grandbaby. Yeah, a little bit of a shock but we are sooo very excited.
So you know I’ve had an eagle eye lately for anything baby related. Here are a couple of tutorials I have found and cant wait to try out. Not to mention I think I will be doing a makeover on the cradle that not only my 3 babies slept in when they were little but so did some nieces/nephews. I’ve held onto this thing for 22 years waiting for the day to drag it out again for grandbabies. Amazingly it has held up very well.. until I broke one of the legs on it the other day.. oh well break out the gorilla glue.. it’ll be alright! 

On to the tutorials..
A super simple way to sew up some burp cloths in no time at all  and Sarah shows you exactly how to do it over at  A little of this A little of that 

And how about some of the cutest little baby shoes.. I can just imagine these in all sorts of colors and patterns.   Ready to try these out soon.   Grey Luster Girl made these adorable shoes using the tutorial found on Star Dust Shoes site..   And look at the flower that she added.. that is just too cute

And last take a look at these awesome bibs.. or is it an apron,, no it’s a bapron.. pretty cool huh?
And Jess tells you exactly how to make them and it looks so easy.  Cant wait to sew some of these.  And if you hop over to her site you can see the prettiest little model wearing one of these.  So cute. 

Off to a family reunion this weekend and soo looking forward to just a couple days away. I dont want to do anything at all.  Except maybe fish with Tyler ,, if he'll let me.. ha ha. 

Stay tuned for more baby and wedding projects as well as a makeover on the cradle.  

Have a great Mothers Day Weekend everyone

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My IN THE WORKS project is F I N I S H E D !!

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I have been working on this table for awhile now and Im so happy to be finished with it.  It started out as the country blue type color and a light stained top.   I had lots of photos and even made a short little video (ha, you've been saved from that)  and I cant find them.  I have a feeling they were on my old phone that died.  UGH!!  So I'll just post what I have.   But you can see a before pic on my sidebar,,  the IN THE WORKS project. 

Ill just let you look at the pictures of the progress .. I will say that I used RustOleum Painters Touch Spray Paint touch in gloss black and the top is stained with Minwax Dark Walnut stain. 

and i had to go back and sand the edges of the tabletop because of some overspray from the black paint

Although I wanted to keep this , part of me wanted to see if I could actually sell something that I had given a makeover.  So I listed it on craigslist two weeks ago.  And IM VERY EXCITED to say that I sold it this past Sunday.  The buyer has the cutest shop in Mendenhall called BallyHoo and she is adding a kitchen to her shop and needed a table.  And come to find out both of my daughters knew her, they took care of her granddaughter at the daycare where they work.  Such a small world,, never know who you will meet. 

And on another note i've noticed that i've almost reached 100 followers,,  WOW!!!

Ill be linking up this week with all the talented bloggers at these parties .. Go check 'em out! 

Furniture Feature Friday at Miss Mustard Seed

Thanks for stopping by ,, I hope you all have a great week!  


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