Monday, August 13, 2012

post for the grandgirls

There is so much I want to work on right now but it is just too hot... so I keep myself busy playing with this precious little girls when I can. 

She is walking a little bit and a finally has two teeth breaking through the skin.. one on top
 and one on bottom. Yay! 

She is pulling up on stuff , army crawling everywhere and is busy busy,, loves to take a bath and splash.. so funny. 

and these are our other girls.. who thank goodness have decided to start laying eggs,, averaging about 5 a day right now. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Senior year 2013

So hard to believe that my last baby is starting his senior year today.. time really does fly.  Praying he has a successful and fun last year of high school.  

We love you Tyler ! 

New kitchen floor

We have been saving and picking up a few boxes of this Allure tile for a few weeks.  Jeff and Amberly surprised me and had my kitchen floor put down when I got home the other day and I love it.  We're taking it slow and doing some home improvements a little bit at a time.  The old kitchen floor drove me crazy.  It didnt matter how many times you swept or mopped it still looked dirty. 

Now on to other kitchen projects..


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