Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I found the cutest idea for a costume for Amberly a while back at Make it and Love it website. 
Melanie had to step in and help with the baby skeleton I couldnt seem to draw a tiny skeleton.  I love how it turned out and cant wait to see it on my 31 week pregnant daughter today. 

And here is my very pregnant little mama.. She is really starting to stick out there. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh yeah,, I won!!!

I am soooooo freaking excited.. I've been about to die to buy this book and uhmm you know just couldnt justify the purchase right now... but thanks to Booktrib I won my very own copy.  WOOHOO!!  Come on mailman/lady.. bring me my book. 
I've read a little excerpt and I cant wait to get started on it.    Congratulations on your book Liz.   Be sure and checkout Booktrib.. they have weekly book giveaways.    You dont have to give your life history.  Just join the site and entering to win is just as simple as a click on the book you're interested in.  Good luck to ya!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

If you're gonna act like that ..

I LOVE pinterest... here's a few things that have made me laugh today.. love this first one!  lol


zumba dance workout...i pretty much feel like the bottom picture...stupid dance studio mirrors  

*eye roll* 

I also love getting inspiration from Pinterest..

Oh yeah,, look at this purse.  Now if I had some major sewing talent I'd just whip me up one of these real fast. 
leather with lace (& a key)!  love. 

This is a really clever use for a ladder and great for hanging clothes to dry and I have a bathtub in my washroom that it would look really good above and I have the ladder to paint,, now just to get it done is the thing. 
painted ladder for hang-drying in the laundry room.

I have a vent in my house just like this,, great! another project to do. 
idea to cover those ugly vents

Im off to pin some more.. looking forward to the weekend and hopefully doing something productive. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh what have i done

well , a whole lot of this and that.  But havent really blogged about any of it. 
Score!! Found 3 packs of these at our Gateway store for $1 each. 

Made a table for my craft/sewing/computer/junk room.  I kinda/sorta went by
the directions Tracie gave here.  I still have to get my drop cloth to add the skirt around it. 
And then it'll be so pretty. 
Made a sign with vinyl I won. 

Made a photo holder for my grandkids pics.  The back has clothespins
glued on upside down to hold the pics.  I put 5 across.
(hoping to make some more of these soon to sell)
columns after they have been painted - also added black satin
ribbon around the top and bottom base. 

My two pregnant ladies back in September or end of August.  This was the day
of Amb's bachelorette party.

Pretty hospital door hanger Amb made for her sister.  She added the name,
date of birth, and weight afterwards.

Built a little box to go in my kitchen window,, glued moss around the top edges and stuck
in some fall floral picks.. added two little pumpkins to the side that Jeff stole from mel.. .
Think I'll keep the box and just change out the decoration for each season/holiday. 

10/17/11 - went to the dr with my oldest one.  29 weeks here.
Got to see Ms Skyelar on the sonogram and hear the hearbeat.  So sweet!!

Emmie and her mama went to so she could take a picture with the man
that delivered her.  He is the sweetest Dr.  Im glad that Amb is also using him.

Emmie in her little nightgown hanging out with pappy for a few minutes. 

Lots of random photos but wanted to update the blog with pics.  I plan on doing the blog 2 print thing one day so I want to keep it updated. 

Thats it for now,, Have a great week! 


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh baby

Its amazing how such a tiny little baby can melt your heart and change your daily life.  First thing I want to do when I get up in the morning and get home in the afternoon is see this sweet little face.  

Not sure why my picture keeps turning sideways. 

Cant wait to meet our 2nd little granddaughter in about 11 weeks. 

Amberly - about 27 weeks

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wedding pics soon ..

October 1st came quickly and the wedding was just beautiful.  The weather was perfect and the bride was gorgeous.  Hoping to have wedding pics really soon but I just had to share this picture of my beautiful little granddaughter taken on Aunt Bam Bam's wedding day. 

  Emmerson Leigh - 12 days old - and she has already stolen all of our hearts.  Especially Pappy's.  Thank you God for this sweet little blessing. 

Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Liz's storybook life


***excerpt ***
Once one has breathed in the deep pungent aroma of sewage, you never again forget the nose-hair singeing, eye clawing, throat gagging experience. It comes over you slowly. You begin to feel like a character in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as your muscles involuntarily jerk and you run screaming and blowing raspberries. Anything to get away from the mind-numbing stench.

But let me explain.

It was 6:30 a.m. I was standing in my retro pink tiled bathroom trying to open my bleary eyes and ready myself for work. As I stood there, peering into the mirror and wondering what demented nighttime fairy had planted four new wrinkles on my face, I paused and sniffed.

“Matt… what’s that smell?”

Matt staggered from the bedroom in his underwear, eyes half shut. “I don’t smell anything.”

I pointed my nose into the air like a hunting dog. “Seriously? You can’t smell that? Did you go to the bathroom in here earlier? I told you to use the room spray when you do things like that.”

Matt puffed out his bare chest and gathered his pride as best a man can with sleep in his eyes and a small hole in the side of his underwear. “I just woke up!”

I frowned, catching a glimpse of my makeup-less hot-rollers-in-hair state and tried not to think about the fact that I looked fifty instead of twenty-nine. “Well, help me figure this out. Because something smells ripe.”

We sniffed the sink drain and ruled it out as a suspect.

“Is it coming from the toilet?” Matt asked, examining it from top to bottom.

“No, that’s not it,” I snapped. I’m not known for my milk of human kindness in a disaster. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a survivor. I plan on eating my radish like Scarlet and clawing my way out of the nuclear dust while dragging my loved ones with me. But I won’t be doing it with positive phrases and a smile.

“Hon, I just don’t know. We’ll call a plumber after work, maybe it’s coming from under the house.” Matt staggered a little, trying to get past me and out of our tiny bathroom.

“Well, that’s just great,” I moved aside and pulled the shower curtain back so I could perch on the side of the tub and give Matt room to move out the door.

That’s when the full brunt of nastiness filled the air around us, a swirling mix of excrement and acrid stench that would have brought the sewer dwelling Ninja Turtles to their knees. Where the normally slightly-clean-with-a-hint-of-soap-scum bottom of the tub should have been, there sloshed gallons and gallons of brown sewage.

I clutched the front of my sweatshirt and held my breath. Matt began to dry heave.

“Get out and shut the door!” I screamed as we bumbled into the hallway.

“I’ll deal with this,” Matt grabbed my shoulders, trying to talk and hold his breath at the same time.

I could feel my eyes glaze over, the horrors of typhoid and hepatitis in our bathtub filling my mind. But more importantly, I could envision our evaporated savings account. In my mind’s eye I could see the long, gray hallway at the bank. A worker shrouded in a black suit pulled a set of keys from his pocket and unlatched a small locker labeled “Owen Bank Account.” Inside were two small stacks of quarters and a few crumpled dollar bills. It was bleak, not only because the banker with an unimaginative wardrobe gazed at me with an expression that could only be interpreted as “You’re a Big Fat Loser,” but also there was a very definite possibility we wouldn’t be able to pay for a plumber.

I wasn’t necessarily a spend thrift. In fact, I was downright frugal when it came to decorating with thrift store furniture and rewired vintage lamps. But the fact was, we were poor. We were starting out at starter jobs with starter salaries. We were starter adults with a starter bank account.

“Okay,” I nodded numbly, thankful that Matt was taking the lead on such a disastrous biohazard. “But make sure the plumber is super cheap. We don’t have much money!”

I left for work like a wino stumbling through a fog, not really remembering my commute, not really doing any work as I sipped my coffee and stared blankly at the computer screen. A disaster of such gargantuan proportions had previously been unthinkable in my life, and now I found myself attempting to push the image of a vast sea of bathtub poop from my mind. But I was sure of one thing: Anne Shirley never had to get ready for work while breathing raw sewage.

Liz has a real talent for writing  and always makes me laugh or cry.  I cant wait to read this book.  Check out her blog to find out how you could win 1 of 10 advance copies of her first book.  Good Luck!


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