Saturday, January 3, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Carol at ChooseJoy has tagged me,, my very first tag.. YAY!!!
Each person tagged should share 7 random things about themselves and then tag 7 people and include their links. Be sure to leave them a comment also so that they know they've been tagged.

Sooo 7 random things about me... Lets see

1. I'm an addict -- my drug of choice???? Coca Cola,, i know shameful,, I can't put it down. I even drink it while i'm taking a bath!

2. I drive my husband and kids crazy thinking of all different sorts of things to make, build, sew, etc... but they love me anyway!!

3. I'm a self-taught cake decorator..Learned most of what í know so far from a website called and its wonderful members there. . hope to get pics of the cakes i've done on my blog soon.

4. I think I may have social anxieties... the jury is still out on that one.

5. I love Loretta Lynn - ever since I was a young girl. I was definitely country when country wasn't cool..

6. I'm sometimes judgemental of people before I get a chance to know them,, Not real nice I know,, i'm working on it people!

7. I love purses,, these are my other weakness,, but I won't, I refuse to pay a lot for them,, I don't even care about the big name brands,, as long as I like it I don't care what name is on it.

So there you have it,, some odd things about me.. These are the people I choose to tag if they want to play along and anybody else that reads this consider yourself tagged also,, amd leave me a comment if you do so I can check out your 7 random things also. Thanks Carol this was fun!!

Liz at MabelsHouse -- a fun girl,, another great writer and good blog to read

Chrissy at ChicaSchmica --- My traditions swap partner this year, so much fun!

Edie at lifeingrace --- love to read this blog,, such a great writer

Kim at Foreverwherever -- fun blog that I recently found

Shellie at Allthingssouthern -- you'll love this blog even if you're not southern..

Diane at Apictureisworthathousandwords - hosts Trash to Treasure Tuesdays

tinsandtreasures -- that's weird, i don't know her name,, but she has a great blog and lovely homemade things for sale.

Now let me email these nice people and let them know they've been tagged. Hopefully they won't mind.


  1. Hi Debilou,
    Thanks for thinking of me! I'll try to get to this soon.


  2. Thanks for the tag! I'm with you on the Coke...especially from the fountain. Like sippin' Heaven from a straw. :)

  3. Thanks for thinking of me! I'm not sure there are even 7 interesting things about me...but, I'll sure try. Have a great rest of the weekend. Natalie

  4. Hi - I found you through Chica Schmica - I have only read this post, but seems we have a lot in common - I love Coke, keep finding new projects to talk about and not finish, have social anxiety and ADD. LOL Nice to "meet" you.

  5. Aw, thanks for the tag. And I LOVE LORETTA TOO! I even went to the Grand Ole Opry to hear her sing, encamped myself next to the stage and she reached down and SHOOK MY HAND! That was seriously the high point of my teen years. :)



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