Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister

We celebrated my younger sister's birthday this weekend at my mama's... she collects decorative wall masks so i made her a mardi gras type mask on her birthday cake.. not the same thing I know,, but it was a mask and she liked it. Happy Birthday Steph... Love ya!


  1. Goodness, look at all the birthday cakes on our blog! YUM!

  2. HI Debbie. I was scrolling through your blogs because I think I gave you a letter to post things you love - but couldn't get any of the February posts to appear. Hmmmm. What AM I doing wrong?
    THEN! I was reading your profile again, and when I got to the favorite books - GIRL!
    Janet Daily is my very, very, very favorite. And the Calder series - more the older ones than the newer ones - are the BEST! I even have one autographed!
    I just love her. I love all her books.
    Do you do catering, or at the very least make cakes for all kinds of people?? You should. Your cakes are wonderful.My girlfriend Diane does cakes, and she finally took a cooking course in LA, graduated about 1 year ago, and became officially a "chef". (or was it baker?) She operated out of her home for years, but now is in with a catering service where she gets to do her creations.

    Stripping wallpaper? That sounds about as exciting as mine - painting and cleaning. LOL
    HAGD! Karen



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