Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We have a Morrison family reunion coming up in June. My mother was a Morrison. She gave me a copy of this little story that was attached to the Family Reunion invitation. I just thought that it was really neat. I'd love to know how and be able to do a complete family tree just to know the history of my family.


  1. Eight! And to think, they didn't have all the modern day conveniences that we do today. Take care ~Natalie

  2. Try going to
    She has commented on my blog before. She has a fun blog. Her passion is researching family trees! Might be right up your alley! I've tried doing it on my own, and it's much harder than you'd think. You have to start buying things on-line to get where you want to go. Maybe just ask her about it?? Can't hurt!!
    Happy Mothers Day!
    I'm still waiting for your list of D's! (hehehe) no pressure there!



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