Thursday, July 16, 2009

repurposed shutters

Ever since my adventure into the blog world i have seen shutters used as home decor everywhere,, I kept my eyes open for some at yard sales and flea markets but never found any and then one day we found some on the side of the road and Jeff rescued them for me.
I was first inspired by thehappyhomebody and how she uses shutters to hang pictures on and from.. and then i've seen them used plain as wall decoration.. as headboards and the list goes on and on.. recently I saw where somebody ( and for the life of me i cant remember who.. i'll give proper credit later) used a shutter to hold magazines. And thats when i decided what to do with mine... I combined two ideas that i found in blogland. The other day while reading through thediyshowoff blog , which is really great for DIY'ers.. lots of good ideas.. anyway I saw this post where the diy'er used alphabet stickers and made a really cool alphabet chair. I had purchased some chipboard alphabet at walmart on clearance and knew they would be perfect for this project.

So to begin with I picked out all the letters to spell "magazines" and glued them across the top using tacky glue. After that i spray/primed with gray primer, let it dry and used Bahama Sea spray paint to finish it up.. applied 2 saw tooth hangers on each side on the back and hung 'er up.. thats it ,, easy as pie and now i have a place for all those magazines... I hung the other shutter as is and it looks good too for what it is.

I dont have a before shot,, but it was a white shutter,, just imagine it,,

and here is a close up of the letters at the top.. I love it!


  1. I love this too and I love that you found them at the side of the road. I recently saw some big ones painted white and used as a headboard of a bed, but they were actually attached to the wall BEhind the bed. Keep your eyes open ALL the time!!!Cute!!!

  2. Great job Debilou! Made a tabletop from mine!

    love, kelee

  3. Debbie! This is the first time I'm seeing this! What a creative idea and I'm so flattered that my project inspired the lettering. I LOVE it!


  4. Very creative Debbie, I think I'll copy you if you don't mind hehe. Thanks for joining my blog, we can both learn from each other as we redo our mobile homes. I just joined yours too :)!

  5. Wow! I love this magazine rack.I'm on the look out for a shutter now. Bookmarking this.



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