Friday, August 7, 2009

Sign your name .. Hang it high

When the kids were little and we were going to birthday partys for cousins and neices and nephews all the time we got in the habit of signing the card ... The Mann Clan...just cause it was easier than signing 5 names to the bottom of the card ... mainly because it was usually last minute and done ,, in the car... on the way to the party.. Anyway,, so i've been wanting to make us a sign with our name on it.. I thought about doing the usual ,, (Mann,, est. 1987,,) but decided to do our usual signature .. The Mann Clan.

Used just a "scrap" piece of wood, printed the letters out in Microsoft word, size 400, cut them out and decoupaged onto the board. And voila,, this is how it turned out.

Is it perfect? NO.. Will you be able to see flaws if you enlarge the picture? PROBABLY ... Do I care? NO,, Because as a this blogger says,, It Doesnt Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful !! And it'll be hangin high in the living room and noone will notice . Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Thanks for adding my button and for visiting my blog! This sign is super cute- I wish "clan" or something cute rhymed with my last name!



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