Saturday, January 17, 2009

#3's Birthday

Here is a picture of T's birthday cake this year,, Yellow cake with buttercream icing,, Used my kopykake projector to put image on the cake

Woo Hoo,, more deals

My #1 called me on the way to work on Thursday, she was at Walmart with her boss and all the Christmas stuff was on sale for 25cents,, She got wrapping paper, gift boxes, bows, lights, Christmas tins, ornaments (Hannah Montana ones too), stockings, santa hats, greeting cards, garland and so much more,, I know she had over several hundred dollars worth of stuff and only paid $45 for all that you see in these pictures,, She was so excited, She's hoping to move out next year and already has all the Christmas decorating stuff that she'll need.

Deals deals and more deals

My daughters and I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and they had all Christmas stuff 90% off,,, and had lots of stuff left too. Anyway ,, I'm so excited that my girls share the same excitment I do when we see clearance sales,, Woo Hoo... this is the loot that we came away from HL with,, and only spent $20 ...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Give-a-away

Hey everybody
I know how everybody loves a give-a-way and kara at InspiredKara is having a fabulous one.. You get to choose an Etsy item up to $50.00 ,,,, Now thats generous and your choosing your own prize. So be sure to go say hi to Kara and leave her a comment for a chance to win.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Its Trash to Treasure Tuesday at A Picture is worth a thousand words,,

Yay.. time to take what might be trash to someone else and turn it into treasure.. This week I took an old frame without glass that I got a while back (and didn't know what to do with ) attached a piece of cardstock/scrapbook paper to the back and to the front of that I glued on the letter "M"made from a scratch piece of felt that I had. The frame has a tint of green around the outside edges so I didn't paint it or anything,, the paper matched it perfectly.. Now I gotta figure out where to hang it.. Hope you like it.. Be sure to head on over to Diane's blog to see what others have turned into treasure this week..

Another generouse blogger-- a give-a-way

Hey everybody .. Hope all is well with you and yours tonight,,

Do you like give-a-ways? Well I do,, and not just because you/I might win a ""prize"" but because everytime i hear about another give-a-way I'm just amazed at how generous bloggers are.. I don't sell anything I'm just a blogger and crafter,, but now I want to do a give-a-way too.. maybe one day soon.. anyway Carol over at Carols Heirloom collection is having a fun give-a-way.. and this is what you could win.. so go check out her blog and be sure to say "hí" .. because we all love to get comments and thats how you enter to win..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Carol at ChooseJoy has tagged me,, my very first tag.. YAY!!!
Each person tagged should share 7 random things about themselves and then tag 7 people and include their links. Be sure to leave them a comment also so that they know they've been tagged.

Sooo 7 random things about me... Lets see

1. I'm an addict -- my drug of choice???? Coca Cola,, i know shameful,, I can't put it down. I even drink it while i'm taking a bath!

2. I drive my husband and kids crazy thinking of all different sorts of things to make, build, sew, etc... but they love me anyway!!

3. I'm a self-taught cake decorator..Learned most of what í know so far from a website called and its wonderful members there. . hope to get pics of the cakes i've done on my blog soon.

4. I think I may have social anxieties... the jury is still out on that one.

5. I love Loretta Lynn - ever since I was a young girl. I was definitely country when country wasn't cool..

6. I'm sometimes judgemental of people before I get a chance to know them,, Not real nice I know,, i'm working on it people!

7. I love purses,, these are my other weakness,, but I won't, I refuse to pay a lot for them,, I don't even care about the big name brands,, as long as I like it I don't care what name is on it.

So there you have it,, some odd things about me.. These are the people I choose to tag if they want to play along and anybody else that reads this consider yourself tagged also,, amd leave me a comment if you do so I can check out your 7 random things also. Thanks Carol this was fun!!

Liz at MabelsHouse -- a fun girl,, another great writer and good blog to read

Chrissy at ChicaSchmica --- My traditions swap partner this year, so much fun!

Edie at lifeingrace --- love to read this blog,, such a great writer

Kim at Foreverwherever -- fun blog that I recently found

Shellie at Allthingssouthern -- you'll love this blog even if you're not southern..

Diane at Apictureisworthathousandwords - hosts Trash to Treasure Tuesdays

tinsandtreasures -- that's weird, i don't know her name,, but she has a great blog and lovely homemade things for sale.

Now let me email these nice people and let them know they've been tagged. Hopefully they won't mind.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Okay,, i need help and i guess i just gotta ask,,, how do you keep count of your posts? Is there a post counter somewhere that I dont see or do I have to go back and count them all? I know this is a silly question and Its probably right there in front of my face and all.. but puhlease can somebody tell me?? Thanks
And now my comment thingy is gone from the bottom of the posts.. where did they go?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hey everybody

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fun and safe Happy new year.. Ate lots of peas and cabbage today and now I'm stuffed.
I'm eagerly awaiting the coming year and hoping to keep myself in a positive state of mind and not worry as much as I tend to. For I know I am blessed and have sooooo much to be thankful for. So Happy New Year to all of you in this little blog world and thanks so much for all the inspiration.

1/5/09 -- I found my goodies she sent me they had not been packed after all,, here's the pic.

I joined a holiday traditions swap here this year and it was so much fun putting together this package for Chrissy at chicashmica .. She in return sent me a package also, with the cutest things.. and unfortunately they were packed away with Christmas decor before I could get a picture.. but she has pictures on her site. Here is a pic of the goodies I sent to her and her little ones.. Hope she liked them.


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