Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3:16 and a crafty little giveaway

Hello my friendly followers ...  Been kinda slow around here lately but I hope you're sticking around. 

Today is 3-16 and what better day to remind friends and family and even strangers of this great truth.  John 3:16 . . .  share the good news with someone today - Is it hard for you to verbally share?  It is for me but thats okay - email, text, tweet, blog or just write it on your forehead (ha ha ha)  -- there are lots of ways.  

image from - Lisa and Eric morning dj page
Listening to Klove this morning driving to work they were talking about this young student from Japan who is living with a host family and going to school in California . . .  go here to read this very heartwarming and miraculous story.  You might want to have some tissues nearby. 
Do you like to enter giveaways?  I do  and I actually win sometimes - not lately though.  Well if you do go visit Jeanine and check out the giveaway she has going on.  Lots of fun crafty things to play with.  Good luck! 

And has always y'all have a good one. 

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  1. Hey I think I remember you! Last name Mann? Its been a LONG time! Thanks for checking out my blog.. I love to have followers and comments :) Thank you for the comment about my family! They are my heart for sure!



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