Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wedding prep - take 1

Here is a just a bit of what we've been working on.  And in our true fashion we have waited until its getting very close to actually get our butts in gear and get busy.  But thats okay, thats how we roll and we get it done.  

This is two of the columns (unfinished) that will be sitting by the arch with ferns on them. 
They are gonna be painted white and maybe distressed a little, not sure about that yet. 

Some bags for the bridesmaids that will have a few goodies in it.  We bought the
bags at Hobby Lobby and then cut out the letter and used heat & bond to attach. 

and bouteniers for the groomsmen and ushers and the Dad. 
Not professionally done but we're happy with them.  

And another view,, I'm thinking maybe it needs just a touch of ribbon at the base
or something??

And this one,, is the maid of honor , and is getting ready to deliver
any day now.  She's been at 1cm for 2 weeks,, the Dr has a tentative date set for
induction if nothing happens between now and then.  We'll have a better game plan next
Tuesday when she goes back.   (I think I've taken her picture in the elevator every time I've gone to the
dr with her and I think she has said something like "really mama??" every time.. LOL  

Amberly (and Skyelar) - almost 20 weeks.  I need to get the elevator
pic on her next visit.  She has had the easiest pregnancy.  NO morning sickness at all. 
Which is a blessing because she is also in nursing school. 

stay tuned for a post on the kitchen island Jeff is in the middle of building.

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  1. Wow two babies and a wedding! Things are going to get wild at your house real fast! I like those columns and can't wait to see the island.



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