Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wood rounds Christmas ornaments

We're hosting Christmas for Jeff's side of the family at our house this year and I'm really excited.  I'm hoping to find a nice size tree to decorate and thought these would make easy ornaments and everyone could take theirs home if they wanted to. 

All I did was find a few logs from our fireplace log pile and used the miter saw to cut 35 round discs.   I didnt sand the flat side but I did lightly/quickly sand the edges to knock off the roughest parts.   Melanie used a paint marker to write all the names on the front and Amberly used a black sharpie to write the year on the back.  Strung a piece of cording through for a hanger and that was it.. All done.. and in less than an hour I have lots of ornaments for the tree.

Hoping to make some clothespin snowflakes one night soon to go with these. 


  1. Last Christmas my best friend gave me a really nice wooden Christmas ornament. It had my name and a picture of us engraved on it, she got one too! It was super cool and I found out that this company out in Colorado called Unique Custom Products made it. I will definitely be ordering from them this year ...check out their website if you like wooden items @

  2. Happy New Year!! May God bless you and your family with many awesome blessings in 2014!

  3. love them with the white writing on them. :)

    I'm working on some number tags cut from spindles.... my writing is awful.


  4. This looks so cute All looks great!! Such nice ideas gonna try duplicate these x
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