Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Old Glory and more

This is his regular fashion statement,, He likes boots with shorts,, gotta love it! Can you believe he is 14? And there's our big baby, Sandy, with something in her mouth of course. Think it was a pinecone. Ever since she was a puppy, she's always had something in her mouth,, alot of times it would be a sock. She's almost 9 (or is it 10??) years old.

A small visitor passing through yesterday,,

This is an el cheapo project inspired by this one over at Susie's blog ,, Hers is made of wood and looks great with the stained effect she did. I wanted to make one for the back porch but didn't have a pc of wood big enough so I used an extra thick pc of cardboard that I had, I painted both sides with a coat of white paint so that it wouldn't curl up. I didnt do the stain on mine and it doesnt have the right amount of stars but for just a few cents its a bit of back porch decoration that'll last for a little while and just in time for 4th of July.

Birthday cake for a sweet little 3 yr old named Mae that wanted a camper cake. First time doing a 3d object, and Okay, it does look more like a milk truck or an ambulance than a camper, but she loved it anyway.

Finally found an old window frame. I've seen them around lots of other blogs done up in all different kinds of ways. So I had been looking for one. I had found some here and there but didnt want to spend $15 or $20 that they were being sold for,, Well i waited and finally found one at a yard sale for $2,, two dollars,, Yay!! The people selling it left two pictures in it. I havent figured out exactly what I'm gonna do with it yet.

Tyler with a red fish he caught on the fishing trip to the coast.


  1. I love how you did your flag on cardboard. Way to be inventive! I can't wait to see what you did wtih your window. I just love old windows.

  2. Hey there! I saw a comment you'd made on another blog and was drawn to it because your profile name is Mississipi Mama. I'm a MS Mama too. Always love to meet my fellow southern belles!

    I think your flag is just too cute. And I never would have known it wasn't painted on wood, if you hadn't said so.

    I'd love to see what you do with that window. I just recently got one and I haven't figured out what to do with it yet. So many ideas... so little time!


  3. Hi Debi-lou!!! Thrilled to have you for a friend...thanks for joining the cause! Make The Katillac Shack front porch like your own!!!!!!!!! Your sweet pup is adorable!

    love, kelee



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