Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweet & Sour chicken

I found a recipe for Sweet & Sour chicken that sounded delicious at this blog,, So I decided I wanted to try it out last night since I already had everything to fix it.. but then I remembered the American Idol finale was coming on last night and after stopping at mama/daddys and by sisters there just wasnt a lot of time left before it started and I didnt want to miss any of the show.. which by the way was really good, I'm mad that Crystal didnt win but I liked Lee too so I guess its okay.. Its not like I voted or anything so I cant complain.   But anyway,, I didnt go exactly by the recipe since I didnt have a lot of time,, So I dipped my chicken strips in buttermilk/egg mixture and then in flour, deep fried and tore some of them into little chunks and tossed in the thickened sauce,, and that sauce is reallly good!  Mel didnt care for it but Tyler liked it so we'll definitely be having it again.  Thanks for the recipe Santas Gift Shoppe
I wish the picture was better but it was taken on my phone. 

Daddy in the cucumber patch..
Some of the first cucumbers from this years garden.. freshly picked.  Heavenly!


  1. MMMmm now that sounds like some good chicken! Thanks for sharing~ Hope you have a great weekend! xoxox Susie

  2. Oh man that chicken looks so good! Good for you for growing all those cucumbers!! I've got a brown thumb. Maybe when I move I'll try growing some veggies.



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