Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mothers Day recap.. (a little late)

Yeah, i know its almost Fathers day and I'm just now posting about Mothers Day.. just got the pictures downloaded of that and some other things,, so i'm a little late but I still wanted to put them on here. 

Melanie and Justin going to his senior prom.. Mel had wanted a camo dress for a long time.. and she found one, not my choice but of course she was beautiful!

We started out the day having breakfast with Jeff's mama.  For some reason I didnt get any pictures, I guess it was too early.  I consider myself lucky because I get along very well with my mother-n-law.  I know alot of people that dont.  Jeff and I are very blessed to have wonderful, supportive, loving and all around great Mothers. 

For my mama we had a dinner at mama&daddy's house.  My neice kinda put it all together and everybody just brought their favorite dish instead of a planned menu. 

My babies,, the wonderful reason I get to be called Mama.  They had to hold Tyler for the picture. 

Me and my beautiful mama.  The one who I can always count on, no matter what.  I never knew exactly how or why she did things until I had kids of my own.  And now I know.  Its because we are special enough to be called  mamas.  One of the greatest blessings God gives us. 

Cricket(my neice), me, Teena(sister), Stephanie(sister) and  Susan(sis in law). All the mothers at the dinner other than mama, who was taking the picture.  We had a great time and delicious food.  I cant say enough how much I enjoy family get togethers.  I hope beyond all hope that as all the kids get older and begin their own familys we can still stay close.  

And thats it for the recap,, hopefully tomorrow I will be posting pictures of the bench I made all(mostly) by myself.  Gotta try and get the pictures downloaded.  Until then.. goodnight!


  1. You are lucky to still have your mother. Enjoy every minute.

  2. What a beautiful family and your kids are precious! I was giggling at your daughters holding your son. My oldest is like that, too.
    Happy Mother's Day, Debbie! :)



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