Monday, June 14, 2010

I think we have a theme going..

In the little town that we live close to if you drive down the main part of town there are several little flea market type buildings that just beg you to stop and look around.  And i've wanted to for a while now.  This past weekend Jeff and Tyler were gone fishing so me, Mel and my mama decided it was the perfect time to go.  Turns out it was soooo HOT that we only stopped at two.. but at the 2nd one we stopped at Mel found this really cute little yellow bench sitting outside.  Its very sturdy and has a piece for the seat too.  And it was only $5.   Mel is our future photographer showing lots of promise.  She takes great pictures. (not these pics,, these were taken with cell phone so not so good)  She immediately saw this as being used a photo prop.  She got to work on it as soon as we got home.  I cant wait to see what she decides to do with it.   Looking at this picture of her sanding you'd think she was right handed but she's a lefty.  She always played softball like a righty too. 

Bright and early Sunday morning me, Teena and my mama were in the garden.  I'm talking like 6am.  We picked peas, cucumbers, squash, peppers and tomatoes.  I wished I had taken pictures of all of it.   When I got home Jef and  I cooked some fresh peas, fried green tomatoes, sauteed squash with bell pepper and mexican cornbread muffins.  Oh my goodness and I was no good the rest of the day but it was soooo delicious.  

Summertime Goodness.. Yum! 

Until next time . . .  Y'all have a good one! 


  1. Oh Debbie... your garden sounds wonderful!! All those delicious fresh veggies... yum! Cute bench... can't wait to see what Mel does with it!! :)

  2. Nothing like fresh veggies straight from the garden. Love, love, love them!!! And a fresh "mater sammich" is the best! Yeah, I'm a Mississippi-born gal myself. Proud as heck of it, too.

  3. PEAS! My favorite food in the whole world. I could be a vegetarian if I had fresh vegetables every day. I have got to find some peas to buy this year!

  4. I'm ashamed to say that my black eyed peas come in a can! I love the, but I bet yours are much tastier...they certainly look great!



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