Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Check it out!

Editing to link up here .. lots of creativity and talent to be seen.. go check it out.

I've sewn three of these checkbook covers recently .  The first two had minor mistakes ,, but I think 3rd times a charm.   I used this tutorial here and it really is easy to follow I just get in a hurry and mess it up. I made all of them using scrap pieces of fabric and a bandanna for one of the ruffle accents. 

 #1 - cant see the mistakes but trust me they are there.  I did pleats instead of ruffling the blue part. 

#3 - much better.  Didnt get a pic of #2.
i did pleats instead of ruffling the black piece. 

And because i've been slacking lately with my blog here's one more picture for this post.. Melanie bought her a kit for making cupcakes recently and made these for a coworker of hers.  I think she did a great job.  I love the big swirls. 

This past weekend my sweet honey thought of me when he saw this coffee mug and bought it for me..  its so me!  ha ha


  1. Those look great! I never do that great the first go round either because I rush too much :) I love that you used a bandanna. too cute!

  2. I love those checkbook covers! I'm so jealous of you for being able to sew them. I am planning on buying a sewing machine soon and learning how to sew. Lord save us. I'll probably sew my fingers together!
    Glad you "found" me again. The move was easy - moving my GFC was not. LOL



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