Monday, August 9, 2010

Zippered bag and sophomore year

My baby is in 10th grade this year... growing up way too fast.  Such a handsome young man with a good "head" on his shoulders most of the time and for that I'm very grateful.  Praying for a very successful year for him. 

We went to the coast this weekend and visited with family.  While the guys were fishing I had a little fun in Hobby Lobby.  And let me just say the one in Biloxi is much bigger than the one near me.  I bought some fabric and made a little zippered bag to go in my purse.  The first one didnt look so hot but the second was much better, not perfect,, but better.   I made it using the tutorial found here.  Only thing different was my fabric size which made the bag a little bit bigger.  But the tutorial was fairly easy to follow and I've only done a zipper one other time.   The finished size is approx 5x9 in. and plenty big to hold my makeup. 
Hope everyone has a great week.. 


  1. Awww - what a cutie! My oldest son started 8th grade this year. They DO grow up fast.
    I love the zipper pouch! GREAT job!
    We're headed to Biloxi next month for a conference for hubby's job. I'll wave as I pass by ya hun. :)

  2. Love the zipper bag! My baby is a sophomore this year too! Our district just finished 2 new high schools. They are also implementing a new dress code-solid polo style shirts or school t's only and shirts must be tucked in. Studenst aren't too thrilled !

  3. What a cute bag, they would make great little gifts.

  4. What a great looking guy you have there. They do grow up so fast dont they! Love your sweet bag too~

  5. Awwww, your baby is very handsome. I love that zippered bag.

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