Thursday, October 27, 2011

If you're gonna act like that ..

I LOVE pinterest... here's a few things that have made me laugh today.. love this first one!  lol


zumba dance workout...i pretty much feel like the bottom picture...stupid dance studio mirrors  

*eye roll* 

I also love getting inspiration from Pinterest..

Oh yeah,, look at this purse.  Now if I had some major sewing talent I'd just whip me up one of these real fast. 
leather with lace (& a key)!  love. 

This is a really clever use for a ladder and great for hanging clothes to dry and I have a bathtub in my washroom that it would look really good above and I have the ladder to paint,, now just to get it done is the thing. 
painted ladder for hang-drying in the laundry room.

I have a vent in my house just like this,, great! another project to do. 
idea to cover those ugly vents

Im off to pin some more.. looking forward to the weekend and hopefully doing something productive. 


  1. SERIOUSLY... This Pinterest thing is SOOOOO addicting!!!! I love the first one too!!!! LOL Thanks for sharing!!! Ok, so I'm off to see what YOU have on YOUR Pinterest site! If you want to see what I've got come on over - the more the merrier!!!!

  2. Oh wow, these pics are fabulous!!!


  3. I love that first one! I would hang it in the hall outside my kids' rooms! LOL

  4. Oh I really like that purse and the ladder idea is really cool looking.



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