Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh what have i done

well , a whole lot of this and that.  But havent really blogged about any of it. 
Score!! Found 3 packs of these at our Gateway store for $1 each. 

Made a table for my craft/sewing/computer/junk room.  I kinda/sorta went by
the directions Tracie gave here.  I still have to get my drop cloth to add the skirt around it. 
And then it'll be so pretty. 
Made a sign with vinyl I won. 

Made a photo holder for my grandkids pics.  The back has clothespins
glued on upside down to hold the pics.  I put 5 across.
(hoping to make some more of these soon to sell)
columns after they have been painted - also added black satin
ribbon around the top and bottom base. 

My two pregnant ladies back in September or end of August.  This was the day
of Amb's bachelorette party.

Pretty hospital door hanger Amb made for her sister.  She added the name,
date of birth, and weight afterwards.

Built a little box to go in my kitchen window,, glued moss around the top edges and stuck
in some fall floral picks.. added two little pumpkins to the side that Jeff stole from mel.. .
Think I'll keep the box and just change out the decoration for each season/holiday. 

10/17/11 - went to the dr with my oldest one.  29 weeks here.
Got to see Ms Skyelar on the sonogram and hear the hearbeat.  So sweet!!

Emmie and her mama went to so she could take a picture with the man
that delivered her.  He is the sweetest Dr.  Im glad that Amb is also using him.

Emmie in her little nightgown hanging out with pappy for a few minutes. 

Lots of random photos but wanted to update the blog with pics.  I plan on doing the blog 2 print thing one day so I want to keep it updated. 

Thats it for now,, Have a great week! 



  1. You have been busy. I like that craft table,wish I had room for one that large.

  2. I really like the table you made. I'm curious about the finials and what you plan to do with them.

  3. Great pictures. I love the table and love the pictures of that beautiful little baby! And to think another one is on the way for your family--how exciting!


  4. Good Lord, lady, but you have been the busy one. I loved looking at all of the pictures and am extremely impressed at that dang table! You are the bomb.

  5. you've been busy! and wow! what a craft table...absolutely love that



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