Thursday, January 5, 2012

26/52 in 52 .. no resolutions though

Im the worlds worst at making or keeping resolutions. So this year Im doing this instead.  52 things I'd like to do or finish in 52 weeks. 

1. Take my breaks everyday at work.. whether Im super busy or not.. I deserve them !! And better yet,, walk during break!

2. Have a date night with my hubby at least once a month.

3. Declutter my house – Yep, I know, that’s a big one. Im a pack rat and like to keep stuff that I MIGHT use one day.

4. Don’t pay A N Y overdraft fees this year. I would have a nice little rainy day fund with all the fees I’ve paid this past year.

5. Try to drink more water and cut waaaayy back on the coke. ( and I hate drinking water)

6. Do at least 5 fundraiser type walks (hopefully with my girls ) ..there are several coming up soon.

7. Repaint Tyler’s room and make new camo curtains and pillows for the bed.

8. Start replacing carpet (it has to go) all through the house with wood flooring.

9. Start and finish some pinterest projects that I have pinned.

10. Spend lots of time with my grandgirls. I know too well how fast they grow and I don’t want to look back and wish I had taken more time with them than I did.

11. Go hunting at least one time with Tyler.

12. Try try try to get pictures taken and cards made in time to send out Christmas cards next year.. I love getting them in the mail.

13. Start (and hopefully finish in time) both of the grandgirls a blanket/quilt for their 1st birthday.

14. Find out what my healthy weight is and get there.

15. Keep all the bills paid to date and stop paying late fees.

16. Go to the movies with the kids, sisters and mama.

17. Start eating healthier foods. Cut out the snack cakes and “sniff sniff” not so many Sonic stops.

18. Paint some of those signs I’ve been saving boards for.

19. Go to the St Patricks Day parade with all the family

20. Go to the Canton Flea Market either in May or October

21. Go out of town for the weekend just me and Jeff

22. Invite family and friends over more.. cook and just hang out

23. Throw Jeff a big birthday party.

24. Help Tyler keep his grades up and pass 11th grade

25.  Mardi Gras feb 18th at the coast.. Go.. have fun!!

26.  Find myself a new hairstyle and go a little bit shorter. 

So here's my list of things to do in 2012...not resolutions.. I never stick to those.  And as you can clearly see I couldnt even come up with 52,, what the heck,, so ill be coming back and updating it later.   If you want to see where this started and join along,, go here to Shawns blog.   Good luck with your list.. and Happy New Year to ya,, May 2012 hold nothing but blessings and happiness for you and yours. 


  1. Great list Debbie! Print it out and put it somewhere where you will see it :)

    good luck girl!

  2. I'm trying to stop going to Sonic as well. So far I've made it but I'm having diet coke and Captain almost every night in its place. I think Sonic may be better for me!

    I love you list and I'm sure as the months roll by you'll think of a few things to add to it. THanks for linking it back to me, that was sweet.

  3. What a great list you made. I used to go to bed at night and think "I did not get much finished" but as I started thinking about all those little things. It adds up. Like taking time to sit down and sew buttons on pants my daughter asked me to do, bath the dog, clean out my recipe box.
    You would be surprised at how much you do. Even the small things.
    Have a fabulous weekend..gonna be cold,

    1. You are so right Melissa,, all those daily little life things are what keeps me busy. But worth every minute.



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