Tuesday, January 31, 2012

26/52 in 52 update

An update on my 52 week list.. 

#6 -   Participated in our first walk on 1/28/2012.  Me, Mel, grandgirl #1 and my sister Stephanie walked in the Hot Chocolate 5K..  we got there about 15 minutes late (the walkers had already started) and all the runners passed us more than one time.  It was really cold and we probably only went about halfway.  But at least we got out and walked and made a donation to the Rankin County Schools too. 

#10 -  see both of the grandgirls several times a week and usually at least once on the weekend.  They are growing fast

#11 -  Jan 14th  went to Randy and Kelly's house in greenwood and finally went hunting with Tyler.  We went in the afternoon and only saw a couple of does.  I am very scared of heights and get really shaky when having to climb any height at all.  The stand was only about 6 or 7 ft off the ground and I had no trouble climbing into the stand,, climbing down was another story all together. So glad it was dark so nobody could take a picture.  Jeff had to stand right at the bottom of the ladder and help me put my feett on the so called ladder rungs..  But I did enjoy that time with Tyler,, I will definitely go again sometime.

#14 - Had a health assessment at our work clinic and know that my healthy weight is around 150,, I have about 16 or 17 lbs to lose to get there.   (better start working harder on cutting out those Sonic drinks and drinking more water )

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