Monday, March 19, 2012

St Patricks Day

We have been going to the St Paddys Day parade in Jackson, MS since my girls were about 7 or 8.  We love it,, its such a fun family day for us and this year we added two to the crew.  This was the 30th year of the parade.. you can read more about it here.    The weather was beautiful and we had a great time.  
Here's just a few pics from our parade day ..

Mals St Paddys Day Parade - 2012

These two little leprechauns have stolen our hearts!! 

My sister,, doesnt she look happy,, ha ha,, she really loves the parade,,
I always get her on video or camera dancing. 

This years theme was "thats what I love about the South".. this of course was a
play on Governor Barbours pardons a few weeks back. 

This is Emmie -- she liked the colorful beads. 

This is Skyelar -- she didnt care one way or the other about the beads 
this year .. Just give her the paci. 
She'll have fun next year for sure. 

Me and my friend Kate from work,,, she did have a green wig on??

She had to find her shades,, the sun was just too bright. 

And Skyelar just gave it up and went to sleep,,  she said to heck with all that stuff. 

My oldest "baby" 

Mel, Emmie and Teenie

This is our corner and our group of people.. we've gathered here the last
several years.  Seem to add a few more to the group every year.  Its always so much fun! 

 ( and this was # 19 on my 26/52 list so ill give that a  "check" ) 

Have    a     great     week !


  1. Debbie,
    It sure looks like everyone had a great time! :) Love those pics! Those babies are adorable!!

  2. I used to go every year until the SweetPotato Queens left-now I go to their parade, instead.The babies outfits are so cute!

    1. Thank you! I know,, I hate that the queens arent part of it anymore but its still fun. I havent been to their parade yet,, its this weekend right?? Happy Spring to you!

  3. Such adorable little ones. I went to and participated in my first St. Patrick's day parade. It was very small! Three of us from my clogging group performed dances to Cry of the Celts, and Fisher's Hornpipe.

    1. Oh,, Clogging sounds like so much fun. Im not coordinated enought to do that but I've always loved to watch cloggers. Thanks for stopping by .. Happy Spring to you!

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  6. What a fun day to spend with family and friends.



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