Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Candlesticks and bedposts and pics

I've had these four bedposts for over a year now,,

you may remember I posted about them here.  A year later and they are still waiting their turn to be born again into something creative and wonderful.. lol.  I saw Gails post this morning about her candlesticks and now Im thinking these would make some cute, big, chunky candlesticks.  So stay tuned!! 

For now Ill just post some pics from my phone,,, BEWARE.. all about the babies these days.  And we love it.. Blessings from above no doubt. 

sweet sleeping little angels,, they stayed with Meme and Pappy all day on Valentines day,,, and they were sickly too.  It was a long day.. but I loved it.  Me and Pappy both were wore out by the time their mamas got home. 

Visiting great papaw for his birthday,, Happy 68th Birthday daddy.  Love you!  She loves his beard.

Emmie and her baby shades.. I swear the child already knows what a camera is. 

Skyelar with her baby shades one.. Too cute

My baby boy,, not such a baby anymore.  Junior prom in a few weeks,, oh my goodness!

Skyelar was too busy watching the fan to look my way.  Look at her sweet little hair standing up. 


  1. awww such sweet pics! Thanks for sharing them with us.
    keep me posted on your posts! hahaha


  2. Nothing sweeter than babies. We kept the ggrand one day and I don't think we will try that again any time soon!LOL!

  3. That would make an awesome candlestick holder! And there's nothing better than blog posts about babies! They're just precious. :)



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