Friday, June 29, 2012

High Five for Friday

High five for Friday... just wish it wasnt gonna be soooooo HOT!   

1.  My new favorite snack,, I seriously almost ate the whole bag the first day I bought 'em.  Yum!  And the best part is nobody else in the house likes them...LOL.. so they're ALL mine. 

2.  Happy Anniversary to the best parents ever... 44 years today.  Love you lots and lots Mama & Daddy

3.  Visited some of the kin folk here the other night ,, rode the girls in the wagon (6 mos and 9 mos now)

and  will be headed there tomorrow for Smith Family Reunion.  Really nice campground. 

4.  It dont have to be Friday to high five the Sonic drink.. this is an every dayer for me. 

5.   My mother-n-law passed this book to me a couple weeks ago and I just started reading it last night,, pretty good so far.  Have you read it?? 

 Thats my H54F .. linking up with Lauren at My Grey Desk  .. Hop on over and join the fun. 


  1. the kiddos are adorable! :) happy Anniversary to the folks... that's awesome!
    happy friday! stay cool!

  2. I love dried fruit. Every time I go buy something healthier that I think no one else will like, everyone suddenly loves it and I'm having to buy more for everyone!! :)



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