Monday, July 16, 2012

onesie and fabric flowers

Hello Monday, you sure did come around quick.  The weekends just fly by but I did find time to make a couple things this weekend for the babies.  First I found this tutorial last week at the Make-it Love-It blog.  They are the cutest fabric flowers and so easy to make.  I plan on making a lot more of these. 

I've been wanting to make one of these ruffle butt onesies for a long time and just never got around to it.  Pretty simple but I had a little trouble getting the ruffles lined up without sewing over top of the previous ruffle that had been sewn on.  I wanna make a few more of these too to practice a little bit. 

and for a little extra fun rolled up some of the ribbon and sewed across it a few times and added it to the front of the onesie and one to a hair clip. 

Thats it for me today,,  Hope everyone has a great week. 


  1. you call yourself a procrastinator in your occurs to me when you do sooooooooo many things one has to procraste..theres gotta be a "tomorrow" list. [my excuse]


  2. I have really gotten in the crafting mood this last week. I am working on several projects-will share when I finish. I may even sew!I guess you are always sewing for those cute grandgirls.



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