Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dont break a leg

About this time last year I had to scratch my leg like this,, with an old kitchen utensil,,,

And take baths like this,, with my leg propped up on a level to keep it out of the water..
Is that a little more than you wanted or ever needed to know?? Just reminding myself that although somedays I hate having to get up and go to work and leave the house.. this time last year there were days that I felt I was gonna go crazy because I couldnt get around good and wasnt able to go and do everything I wanted to do. And I "swore" that I wouldnt complain about going to work or running errands or anything again. So, on those days that I just want to stay home and not go to work or anywhere else; I remind myself that this time last year I would've paid to be able to go to work just to get out of the house and that I should be thankful for just being able to get up and go and do as i please. I am so GRATEFUL that my leg healed very nicely and I didnt have any additional complications with it. Thank you Lord!!

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