Monday, October 12, 2009

All about Sandy

Its Monday,, and I wish i could find the words but its so hard.

Sandy Alexis Mann ~ October 2001 - October 2009

We lost a much loved family pet this morning, her name was Sandy- Sandy Alexis Mann is what the kids named her. A yellow lab. She was perhaps the best dog in the world, at least to us she was. We got her for the kids as a Christmas present in 19992001. She was the family dog but she bonded with Jeff. He took up time with her and taught her to sit, speak, and fetch. And she knew what it meant when you told her "daddy's home", she would run and start looking for his truck to pull in. She was so smart and loveable and loyal and was always carrying something around in her mouth, whether it was a sock, a leaf, a ball or plastic bottle. I know she loved us as much as we loved her. I've never been a dog person until we got her. She was more than a dog she was part of our family and she'll never be forgotten

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  1. I understand! Sherpa was my first baby...I wondered if I could ever love my kids as much as I loved this dog. Look at my blog...labels, pets, Sherpa. I miss him SO much. I will be thinking about your family this week. amy



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