Sunday, October 25, 2009

Make some Art Monday..

Have had a wonderful weekend,, busy but good. I'm linking up with ChrissieGrace for Make some Art Monday. Okay, i know it may be stretching it a bit to call this art, but the theme was quotes and I do love some quotes. I had a brand new project in mind, but life and a bridal shower and other things had to come first. So im posting a previous quote item i've done.. "Live Simply, Love greatly, Laugh Readily, Speak Kindly And leave the rest to God". Thanks for stopping by and be sure to go on over and say Hi to Chrissie and check out all the other posts linked up.


  1. Hi Debilou
    Thanks so much for linking up.
    I really like your project. I love the quote you chose, and the burlap matte with the red frame was a great choice.
    Good Job! I hope you had fun making it.:)

  2. LOVE this quote!!!

  3. Love the quote! You did such a great job! I love framed quotes, and I'm planning to do a couple soon for my kitchen! Have a great week!
    -Ruth Ann

  4. I love the Burlap and the red frame.
    Great quote choice.



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