Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a few things ive made and the river

Dragonfly #2 - 

flew off to a new home to live with Patricia (winner of my giveaway in April)

i found this quote a few months ago so I thought I'd paint a canvas and put it on there..
I dont like it. . but oh well not all projects turn out goood.  It'll be getting repainted.. and I
think I wont freehand the writing this time.

I've had this old window hangin on my backporch for awhile but it was
an ugly color.. so I painted it and made me a little box to hang beneath it to
put some flowers in.  Thinking Im gonna paint the "welcome" to give a little color..

The Mississippi River in Vicksburg about a week before it crested.


  1. Like the window with the box under it! I have been sitting here on pins and needles since yesterday waiting on my first great grandchild. I know I am way to young to be a GG, but I had my son when I was young and my grandson is 21,so I will just have to get used to it! Maybe I can pass him or her off as a grandchild- no that's really vain isn't it?

  2. The dragonfly enjoys his new home on our screened porch, although he has mentioned the heat a few times. It's been 98 the past two days. Thank you again. I really like it.



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