Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday and Post #1 wedding sign

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I've finally gotten around to starting on the  signs for Amb's wedding.  I only have 1 done but I've got 2 more printed out and ready to do when I get the boards painted.   I think this is a 1x6 .. and about 22-24inches long.  I sanded the board, primed and then lightly sanded again and then painted with white paint.  I printed the words off and rubbed the back of each letter with pencil and then transferred to the board by tracing over it all.  After that I used my black paint pen to fill it all in.  Its not perfect by any means but Im OK with how it looks.  This will be one of the signs used to point the guests around to the right spot.  The wedding will be at Roosevelt State Park and I think its going to be really pretty.  

Stay tuned,, post #2 coming next,, Little girl #1 birthday shirt, tutu and matching bow.  

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  1. hey debbie! Your sign looks great! you did a fantastic job!



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