Friday, August 19, 2011

Just a bunch of randomness

Scatter brained would describe me very accurately lately,, lot going on with babies and a wedding on the way ... So without further delay ,, lots of random pics.  Enjoy! 
not the best picture,,  Tyler &  River - that bow didnt stay in her hair too long.

Mel's gonna kill me for this pic but I love it.. Jeff feeling the grandbaby move. 

waiting at the dr to find out what Amb is having,, Its a Girl. 
Ms Skyelar Rayne Russell will be here around the 1st of January. 

Jeff made leiutenant -- So proud of him! 

The wives got to pin on their new badge - I think he was scared I was gonna stick him. 

Jeff, Tyler and Amberly - Melanie had a funeral visitation to go to and couldnt be there. 

TIME to get back to work,,,   Have a great weekend.

Ill be sharing pics soon of a desk I made using Traci @ Beneath My Hearts basic plan and a kitchen island that Jeff is building me. 

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  1. Congratulations to your Jeff. Mmmm-those peas look delicious,wish I had some.



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