Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silhouette giveaway

Have you seen all the great projects being done with the Silhouette and always wanted one?  Well I have and Donna at Funky Junk Interiors is having a giveaway.. Go now, get your name in the hat.  Giveaway runs through the 27th.  Good Luck! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fish Rodeo

This past weekend me and Tyler went to a fish rodeo with my niece and her two little boys.  Had never been to a fish rodeo but its a really neat thing to do for the kids.  I think around 500 catfish were released into this pond at a local residents house.  He donated his pond for this event.  A small area was netted off and the kids were allowed to fish.  Parents and adults could help but it was meant for the kids to do.  Tyler helped Austin catch this one. 

Mr. Prentiss has a beautiful place.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Its Knot-so-Hard flip flops

I love the name of these easy to make flip flops .. and really,, its Knot so hard!  I made them in about 20 minutes.  I wasnt sure I'd like actually wearing them though,, but I do.  The tutorial can be found here

never mind the ugly feet but here's how they look on. 

also added a few strips of fabric tied on for a shabby look.

(flip flops cost $1 at Dollar General so a very inexpensive project to do.. especially if your looking for kids projects)

Happy Fathers Day

We celebrated Fathers Day at my mama&daddys house with a hamburger lunch and then finished it off by digging up fresh taters from the garden.  It was a great day.. taking the time to be grateful for truly some of the most simple pleasures in life .. enjoying family.

MY DADDY - he's the best.  He loves sharing his garden with his kids., it makes him happy. 

Jeff - my GREAT, loving, supportive,  patient husband.. (dont let the picture fool ya- he always looks irritated
when taking a picture) .. He's such a good daddy too! 

my sweet little niece - Katelynn - with the potatoes
Happy Fathers Day - 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Post #2 - Birthday shirt, tutu and bow

Linking up with Becca at Blue Cricket Design

Melanie's fiance's little sister, River Grace, turned 1 this week and Melanie wanted to make her a tutu with the matching birthday shirt and bow.  This is what we came up with. 

(These were taken with my phone so definitely not the best)  Will be adding pics of River Grace wearing her tutu next week. 

Have a good weekend everybody. 

Friday and Post #1 wedding sign

Linking up with Becca at Blue Cricket Design

I've finally gotten around to starting on the  signs for Amb's wedding.  I only have 1 done but I've got 2 more printed out and ready to do when I get the boards painted.   I think this is a 1x6 .. and about 22-24inches long.  I sanded the board, primed and then lightly sanded again and then painted with white paint.  I printed the words off and rubbed the back of each letter with pencil and then transferred to the board by tracing over it all.  After that I used my black paint pen to fill it all in.  Its not perfect by any means but Im OK with how it looks.  This will be one of the signs used to point the guests around to the right spot.  The wedding will be at Roosevelt State Park and I think its going to be really pretty.  

Stay tuned,, post #2 coming next,, Little girl #1 birthday shirt, tutu and matching bow.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Feels like Summer Time and flip flops

It has been sooo hot here lately and yesterday we finally got some of that good smelling stuff we call rain. My mom and dads garden has been needing it desperately.  Ours has too but since ours is MUCH smaller we can easily keep it watered with the sprinkler.  She called me at work to let me hear it rain over the phone.. yes, she was very excited about the rain.  
here she is with the first squash this year

and here is daddy checking another plant - he wasnt supposed to be in the garden. 
He was still healing from surgery a few weeks ago.  He's hardheaded like that... probably where
I get it from. 
Summertime always means flip flops although we wear them right up through fall and sometimes in the winter too.  Becca at The Texas Darlings is hosting a bloggy flip flop exchange.  It sounds like a lot of fun and a new pair of flip flops is always a good thing.

Here are the details of the swap (copied from Beccas site).. but please hop over and say Hi and email her if you're interested in joining the swap.  You have until this Sunday night June 12th to join in. 

Bloggy Flip Flop Exchange

One. If you would like to participate, send Becca an email that includes your full mailing address, blog address, and flip flop size by Sunday, June 12, 2011.

Click here to send her an email (click from Beccas site )

Two. On Monday, June 14, you will receive an email with your BFFE partner's information. Please take the time to visit their blog and learn more about them.

Three. By Friday, June 17, mail your flip flops to your BFFE partner along with mementos from your home state (so they can learn more about you as well). Some ideas include a postcard, local delicacy (someone got homemade fudge sauce last year- jealous!), key chain, etc. Don't spend more than $20 total for your package.

Four. Blog about the flips you have received - show us some pictures!!

Thats it,, sounds fun to me.  I LOVE getting packages and fun stuff in the mail.  I hope you'll join in the fun. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Glass block night lights

** edited to add the other 3 pictures ** 

Amb &  Mel get their craft on .. they made these Cute little night lights for some friends baby shower .. pics were taken with my phone so they not the best.

It's suppose to be another hot day tomorrow .. Stay cool!
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pallet heaven opened up ..

. . . and these two pretty babies fell right in my lap.. alright!!!   Thank you very much, Ill take em home with me. 

They are very sturdy and have somewhat of an inlaid top .. i think thats the way to describe that??
Im thinking stacked together or side by side with big industrial caster wheels and stained a walnut color and sanded a bit they would make a gorgeous coffee table.  Any ideas of what to do with them??  I'd love to hear.. leave a comment.  

Stay Tuned ..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a few things ive made and the river

Dragonfly #2 - 

flew off to a new home to live with Patricia (winner of my giveaway in April)

i found this quote a few months ago so I thought I'd paint a canvas and put it on there..
I dont like it. . but oh well not all projects turn out goood.  It'll be getting repainted.. and I
think I wont freehand the writing this time.

I've had this old window hangin on my backporch for awhile but it was
an ugly color.. so I painted it and made me a little box to hang beneath it to
put some flowers in.  Thinking Im gonna paint the "welcome" to give a little color..

The Mississippi River in Vicksburg about a week before it crested.


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