Monday, November 30, 2009

Its Christmas time and some cake

Been really busy working on some Christmas yard art, patterns borrowed from a coworker of Jeff's,, Thanks Nicky! These were really fun to paint and not at all hard like I've always thought. Cant wait to get them outside. I hope to add a Fireman Santa and some others next year.

This was a cake for a coworker of Mel's,, she had the pan from when her 10 year old was 3 and he thought it'd be so cool if his little brother had the same cake he had at that age. These character cakes are not so easy to follow once that cake is turned out of the pan, but all in all it wasnt that hard to do. Just had to improvise a little bit.

I'm linking to these great parties today.. go check 'em out! You'll be glad you did.

The DIY Show Off


  1. The yard art and the cake are very neat! You're very creative. I bet your yard will be so cute!


  2. Your kids must love those yard decorations!

    Now the Elmo cake will be a family tradition! Nice work!

  3. Those yard decorations are awesome! I used to make my parents drive me around the neighborhood when I was little to see everyone's lights and such, but my favorites always had 'real' people (like yours). Such great memories.

    Lovely cake too. Sweet that older bro wanted younger bro to share the Elmo!

    Thanks for joining Mi4M~

  4. Great job! Very vintage looking.

  5. What a fab job! Much better than the ones you buy already painted. Thanks for checking out my blog. Following you now! :)



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