Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A cat named TuTu

This is our cat TuTu and we are joining Lucy's pet party over at Debbie-Doos  .. wanna go?  Just hop on over and show off your pet

This is TuTu.  We got her in Sept of 2009 right around the time of our 22nd anniversary.  So I figured if I named her Tutu (for 22) it would help me to remember how old she is.  Funny?  Weird?  Yeah, i know but i'm wierd like that.  Anyway our daughter, Amberly, that works at a day care called one afternoon and said they had several kittens that had been abandoned somewhere around the daycare and was trying to find homes for them.  Now let me just tell you.  I have always loved cats.  I had the most beautiful cat named Smokey when i was growing up.  She was very unique and special.  However, I married a guy that has never liked cats so needless to say we have never had one since we've been married.  I have no idea what made her call and ask us if we wanted it.  She knows her daddy well.  But he said yes.She was, I'm guessing, only around 3 or 4 weeks when we got her. We bottle fed her for 2 or 3 weeks.   She was so easy to train and is very smart.  As she got out of the kitten stage her personality started showing more.  She likes to play and sometimes bite.  And she bites hard.   If we dont put her food down fast enough for her she will run up behind us and bite us on the leg.  She dont really like men or big boys.  She will hiss and growl at them and BITE.  Everybody loves to play with her like that.  She loves the attention too. 

Isnt she pretty?   The flash kinda enhanced her green eyes
but she really does have beautiful eyes. 

this is her favorite place to sleep, on the end of our bed.  And she usually stays there
until I get up.  If I dont get up soon enough she likes to sit on the table beside
the bed and stare at me until I move.  She also will gently bite my hand sometimes if I dont
get up soon enough for her.

I was trying to show her baby bump, but she didnt like that.
And needless to say she will be having a little surgery after these kittens come.  No more kittys! 


  1. Tutu is very very pretty...what stunning eyes!~
    I love how you came about her name, that was clever. Thanks Debbie for joining in...have fun visiting some others. A lot of gals made some new friends because of this party. See you Monday for the newbie link up party.

  2. Tutu is adorable...I bet it will be hard not to keep any of the kittens! Thanks for your sweet comment on my pug post!

  3. Tutu is adorable and does indeed have beautiful eyes! Thanks for sharing a part of your family with all of us.

    Have a wonderful day,

  4. She is so pretty with those green eyes.I am glad she will be having surgery, there are too many animals now that need loving homes.



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