Friday, January 14, 2011

A post about some posts..

First things first.. I was "caught" at Gails blog last week,,She gave a little recognition to my tv stand/dresser   Photobucket

Okay,, now where were we,, oh yeah, on New years eve I was out in the yard just tinkering around, bored to death, looking for something to do.  I went out behind our rental trailer on the back lot to throw out some old apples for the deer and look what my neighbor had the nerve to throw in the burn pile... oh.. no.. she.. didnt!  Dont she know how much i like to collect junk with the intention of someday doing something with it???  She does now,, i text her and let her know that I "rescued" parts of her old bed... she just laughed (or lol'd).   

this is the post of the headboard(i think) ,, with that little emblem on there(it'll be coming off)

and this is the post of the footboard 
part of the headboard that fell off - yep, it went into the "good intention" pile too.
I think it might look good with a vinyl quote or something on it.
The between parts of the posts are made of pressboard or something and had been out in the weather just a tad too long and had started to swell,, but the posts themselves seem to be made of good wood and were still okay.  So I got the jig saw out and drug those heavy things from the burn pile and sawed the bad part off.
I called Jeff to tell him about my treasures.. and I think I heard him groan... he knew they were back there and was hoping I didnt find them.. what was he thinking?? So glad he puts up with all my craziness. 

Now what to do with these,, i've got ideas floating around in my head like making a table with them or chopping them all up and making some fat chunky candlesticks,, any ideas?  I'd love to hear them..   

I'm linking up today over at Gail's place..  My Repurposed Life


  1. Can't wait to see what you make with this-I know it will be something fabulous.

  2. That was a great rescue! Looking forward to seeing what you create.

  3. Gail is something else, isn't she? Love her blog.
    Thanks for coming by mine and leaving a comment. I am a "good intention" keeper also but with limited space I can't do the big items.

  4. I could hear that groan from here but you know....a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

  5. Debbie, good stuff! I have some very "like" objects in my stash!
    keep us posted!

  6. Great find! I had to laugh at the groan! Sometimes the men don't appreciate the potential of found items, do they?! My man doesn't like storing things until they live UP to their potential :)

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting over at PinkToes. You've done some inspiring projects over here! Can't wait to see what you do with the table in the sidebar and with your found items.



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