Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Are you looking for some really cool homemade gifts for the holidays? Then go over to Chris' for her "I can make that" party. There are lots of links for some really good ideas for gifts or just for fun.


  1. HI Debbie,
    Thanks for your sweet comments. To load pictures in the header you click customize then layout then click on 'edit' by where the 'header' icon is. I think it's pretty straight forward just make sure to choose 'fit to size' 'cause sometimes my pics won't fit unless I choose that. Have a great day.....good luck!

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments were appreciated! I love how you said, "my mama said". I never called my mom, "mama" until she was slipping away with an awful battle with cancer and guess of her favorite sayings was...."One day at a time". Blessings to you this season! Carol



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