Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Okay, so this post is a little late. We've recently celebrated 3 birthdays in our family. Starting with my mom's (65th) in October, then my daughters(20th) and then mine (40th). We had a cake and dinner for my mom at my brothers house this year. For Amb's,,, (Oh my gosh I can't believe she is twenty) we celebrated with a "soup-er" dinner and birthday cake with the family at our house and for mine we all (or rather the ones that wasn't working or hunting) got together at mama's for dinner and cake. I made mama a "medicare" cake, for Amb's I just made cheese cake which is her favorite and a bundt cake for anybody that didn't like cheesecake. Mama ordered mine from somewhere and in the pic you can see that they almost forgot to put the "40" at the bottom. My kids decorated the truck and made a sign for my "lordy lordy 40 b'day"... they're so sweet. Amb's boyfriend built her a wooden chest ,, it is very nice and she was really surprised.

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