Friday, December 19, 2008

My mamaw

Ruth Morrison - - -
my mamaw mother of two
Christian crocheted
great cook/baker avid reader loved everyone
played board games with us grandchildren
sewed her own clothes was a foster mom
loved watching game shows & soap operas

My mamaw was the greatest mamaw ever, she’s no longer with us (for many years now) and today is/was her birthday. She was a crafty person herself and never met a stranger so she would’ve loved this blogging phenomenon. I felt it only right to recognize the birthday of one of the most influential people of my life here in blog world. I know she’s with Jesus and we’ll all see her again one day. Until then . . .

Happy Birthday Mamaw


  1. I am sorry for your matter how many years...My mom has been gone almost 4 years and she is right beside me every day. Carol

  2. I bet Jesus is celebrating with her today.What a special day he made her on.



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