Friday, October 22, 2010

3 little pumpkins

I've seen several different versions of the scrap wood pumpkins so I decided to me make some for my desk at work.  These are some scraps( 1x4's - i think) that I had painted white a while back intending to do something with and never did.  So I just painted them orange, distressed a little bit, glued some cinnamon sticks to the top for the stem and tied some jute string and wire around the stem.   I then traced the letters F-A-L-L and filled in with a black sharpie.  And that was it, simple fall decoration.  I want to make some to sit in my kitchen window too. 

I'm linking up with Gail today at My Repurposed Life.. Go check her out, she's featuring her post on how she made the bench out of a headboard.  I want to do that one day too!

Catch As Catch Can

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  1. simple, but ohh so cute! thanks for linking up and linking back to me!
    have a great weekend!



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