Saturday, October 16, 2010

Un-used candles

Have you ever had a candle that smelled so good and made  your house smell wonderful too?  A couple years ago my niece gave me a candle and it was one of those.  But like a lot of candles it burned down the middle til the wick was gone and I was left with candle that couldnt be burned. .. but.. I figured out what to do with it.  I sat the  candle on top of the stove while I had a cake baking and and let it get really really soft. then I scooped it out into this mold that I have and put it in the freezer for just a couple minutes.  Took it out and they pop right out.  Now what will I do with these you ask?? Just take one and place on top of this little burner and insert a tealight candle and I will still have that great smelling scent.. It takes forever to use these up so its a great way to save those old candles.  

start with that favorite candle that can no longer be burned
Soften by placing on top of the hot stove while cake is baking.   

smoosh around with old butter knife

smooth with finger and put in freezer

take out and pop out of the mold

place in my little tealight burner and wait for that wonderful scent.
(ignore the melted wax down the side of it)


  1. I am like you I hate to throw away that good smelling wax. I have one of those tiny crock pot looking things that I put it in and it makes the whole house smell good.

  2. That's a neat idea. I don't have one of those candle warmers, but looks lke I might have to invest in one. Cool idea! Thanks!

  3. Hi Debbi - I see you already picked up your blog award, but I wanted to stop by anyway and "officially announce" it to you. :) Blessings!!



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