Friday, October 29, 2010

PumpkinSpice CupCake

My mother-in-law and I work at the same place, but in different depts.  They had snack day today and she made this really easy Pumpkin Spice CupCakes.  I took these pics with my phone at my desk so they are not the best.. but the cupcake was really good.   Thanks, Judy! 

Mix 1 can of  pumpkin with 1 Spice cake mix. Bake as usual and top with cream cheese frosting and nuts.  Yum!  We'd love to hear if you try it. 

And a fortune for you:  One of her friends dressed as a fortune teller today and had the same fortune for everybody,,   "You are going to live until you die and $#*@ happens"  .. Thanks Jeannie,,  so so true! 

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween weekend. 

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  1. cute! Thanks for linking up and linking back to me!
    Hope you have a very safe and fun weekend!



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